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Do you have a sofa or chair that your dog or cat did some damage to? Or, maybe it’s just an older or outdated piece that is in need of a fresh look? When we reupholster an item we strip it down to the bare bones, we make any repairs to the frame if necessary, we can replace the cushion fill and then we cut, sew and it's upholstered in that brand new fabric you selected. You’d be surprised at how much you can transform a look of an old piece! It’s guaranteed to look and feel as good as new. Take a look at our gallery for some before and after pics.  What ever your next project may be, no matter how big or small or what kind of material you decide to use, AlanaAlegra Interiors will help you achieve the look you want, on time and within budget! Customer satisfaction is a guarantee and our promise to you.

When to reupholster…

  • When you simply love it or it has sentimental value.
  • When it can be updated to accommodate your current style. There are a lot of transformations that can be done with re-upholstery. Send us a picture and we are happy to provide you with some ideas!
  • When it has a good frame or good bones. A furniture piece with a good hardwood frame and hand tied springs is worth reupholstering. Expensive well-made furniture and antiques can be reupholstered time after time again and passed down generation to generation because the quality of the materials was built to last. However, if the furniture was inexpensive when you first purchased it then it may not be worth saving or reupholstering.

If you are not ready to reupholster we also make custom slipcovers! Our slipcovers will fit perfectly on your upholstered piece. We like to have the item to be slipcovered in our shop in order to create that exact fit. The slip covers sold in stores are standard sizes, therefore they will not be the right fit for most items. Custom is the way to go for slipcovers.

Alana Alegra Interiors has a huge fabric library of swatches to choose from! Call us to schedule a visit to our shop or an in home consultation.